Expert Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal

Have you ever thought about what your wildlife problem is costing you and your business in Syracuse? Bird droppings decay on your signage, HVAC units, walls, and products. Squirrels chewing wires causing fire hazards. Bats in the attic or walls allows droppings and urine to collect there.

The answer? Thousands to tens of thousands annually if the conditions are right in Onondaga County. Have you had to replace an entire wall in an old historic building because of bats? We have. Just this past year two of our larger projects were bat damage oriented.

Fix Wildlife Damage

Wild Animal Damage Repair

Ok, let’s talk about birds for a second. What happens when birds are on your roof and signage in Syracuse? Well, first of all it looks pretty lousy. Second of all bird droppings, especially sea gulls and pigeons, are extremely caustic. They will decay stone, metal, and permanently discolor wood. This can easily cost you more money than removing the problem. Yes, yes, we know. Of course we’re going to say that.

Besides, your clientele may decide to shop a non-bird infested place. At JacopilleBornheimer, we handle everything from pest bird removal and nuisance raccoon trapping to removing squirrels from the attic and humane bat removal. We service the entire Syracuse metro area.

Wildlife Exclusion and Cleanup

Exclusion And Cleanup

Bats present a different level of concern. Oftentimes folks won’t notice bats in daytime activities. In Syracuse, when summer hits and nighttime events start, bats can swoop where you don’t want them. Besides this, droppings and urine stain both inside and outside walls. Do you have a slate roof? We specialize in slate services where wildlife is involved. Do you have a steel framed warehouse? There are substantial places for bats to move along.

First, remove the bats from the attic. Make sure to follow industry standards by sealing off places bats can get in and placing a one way door to allow the current resident bats out. Make sure any work has a warranty and includes clean up and exclusion. Otherwise you will be right back where you started.

Guaranteed Services

Silverbat Rochester NY

We offer warrantied services ranging from 18 months to 3 years. Honestly, without this how do you know anything was done? A good bat exclusion isn’t usually visible to the naked eye. Anyone can claim they’ve gotten rid of the critters and request payment. We guarantee our work!

We have permanently sealed, excluded and completed work on ice rinks, gymnasiums, office complexes, the oldest continually operating church, several slate roofs and warehouses in Syracuse. We have helped Universities, churches, private and publicly owned spaces. Our expertise is in permanent solutions for all your wild animal problems.