squirrels on roof Rochester buffalo Squirrel problems in places like Buffalo and Rochester NY can happen any time of the year.  However, chances are your reading this because it’s fall and something is scampering around in your attic.  Squirrels move into homes in the fall to get out of the winter wonderland we call Western NY. While they are there they reek havoc on our fascia boards,insulation, and sanity.

Grey Squirrels:

Though capable of surviving and thriving our snowy NY vortex.  How much easier is it to live in your attic?  Any of Buffalo or Rochester’s city homes are subject to the drama directly persuant to a squirrel invasion.  Because nature gives grey squirrels ever growing teeth your fascia and soffits are no match.  Things such as overhanging trees should be cut back to eliminate the potential threat.  Chances are you’re reading this because you need squirrel removal and there’s already a problem however.  Have no fear!  Not only will we remove the problem squirrel.  We’ll also seal off the entry point and in some cases warranty our squirrel removal work.  

Some of the outlying areas of our main Western NY cities also have a grey squirrel problem too.  Places such as N. Tonawanda, Hamburg, even Amherst.  In the Rochester area there are places outside of the city proper such as Brighton, and Henrietta where grey squirrels are a major problem.  However there are more than one squirrel to worry about outside of the cities.

Red Squirrel:

Also known as pine squirrels.  Red squirrels are smaller, nastier, and much more motivated to stay out of the cold.  Red squirrels will come up from your foundation.  They will crawl up the corners of vinyl siding.  They also sometimes find areas where your landscape lighting enters your home, or where your phone box enters your home.

We recently did a job in Orchard Park NY where they entered where the power lines conduit broke through the soffit area and metal roof.  Red squirrels are a crafty and tricky animal to catch once established.  One of the best things you can do is call when you first notice a potential red squirrel issue at your home.  Once established red squirrels are very time consuming to remove.  Because of this the price of established red squirrel jobs can be higher.  We have personally caught a new red squirrel problem within 20 minutes.  Whereas a established problem could easily take a month to resolve.

Flying Squirrels:

squirrel exclusion rochester buffaloYes, flyers are common here in Western NY.  Do you hear a lot of noise at 2 or 3 at night? Flying squirrels are easily the loudest squirrel problem you can have.  It’s possible this is due to the time they are active.  However, chances are it has more to do with the sheer quantity of squirrels that could be living in your attic.  Flying squirrels live in colonies that are often 15 strong.  These family units probably found your suburban home the perfect get away from Buffalo or Rochester’s winter.  

The good news with flyers is not only do we trap and remove.  We offer a strong 3 year warranty on our flying squirrel work.



So, whether its a grey in your 4000 square foot city home, a red in your rural log cabin, or flyers in your suburban tree filled lot home.  We have the wherewithal and knowledge to solve your squirrel issues bar none.
Whenever you question or are concerned about an encounter or threatening Wildlife issue here in Buffalo NY please give us a call at (716) 280- 7123.

Or in Rochester NY at 585-771-0822.