Like most of us your solution to mice problems in your home has been poison or bait. What if I told you, you could live rodent free? Every home new or old has spaces and access points that allow mice into a home. When these spaces are sealed adequately with the detail that a professional company provides you no longer have a problem. As one of our customers pointed out. “Our previous company would come and refill bait boxes once a month with poison. We would still have mice get in our home, occasionally we would find a dead mouse in our wine cellar. Not a pleasant site”. The outcome of poisoning mice is that you always have mice, your pesticide company always has your business and a problem is never solved.

Is detail and expertise work. Every ¼ inch space must be found and adequately sealed. Foundations, piping, brick, stone, rotted wood, and stucco all must be viewed with a critical eye. As these all pose extra availability for infestation. Because nature gives mice and any other rodent constantly growing teeth and the tremendous ability to chew. Spaces must be sealed off in a manner and with products that are “chew proof”, This may be galvanized steel, copper, or specially designed rodent proof fabrics. We also on occasion use products that irritate rodents paws, mouths, or intestinal tracts in the hopes of adding another level of discomfort to displaced vermin.

As well as sealing off mouse entry points pheromone trails must be dealt with. Mice emit a drop of urine every 18 inches to leave a scent trail behind for other mice to follow into your property. These trails will bring mice back to your property for years. Even if we do our job correctly mice will still attempt to use these trails to gain access. Because of this our procedures include removing the markers that allow mice to find your home.

Mice emit approximately 50 droppings a day. These droppings will continue to be present within your walls, attic, and any other spot until cleaned up. Certain diseases will still be spread through these droppings. The plague, salmonella, and leptospirosis are just several that shall present themselves for years to come. Because of this clean up may be a very important option.

Our staff has been trained in CDC guidelines of clean up, as well as having OSHA certification in Clean up, respirator safety, and enclosed space safety. Because of this you get the best full service work. Because we follow governmental standards of clean up your home will not be contaminated by leaky vacuum bags or loose insulation. We disinfect before, during, and after clean up. Then as material is removed we seal it off to ensure no leakage. Whenever possible we do not bring contaminated insulation or debris through your home. We prefer using attic windows when possible.

  • Respirator, rubber gloves, and any other safety gear put on
  • All contaminated areas get sprayed down with disinfectant to contain airborne pathogens as well as limit other pathogen exposure.
  • Clean up of debris
  • Bagging and sealing of contaminated debris so as to ensure no other part of home or business is contaminated.
  • Re-spraying of area previously contaminated.

Our Exclusion Guarantee: Any wildlife problem you hire us for shall be taken care of. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Because of this if you have wildlife reenter that which we have sealed we will come back and correct the problem free of charge. Warranties vary from 1-3 years depending on species and conditions.

So you have a mouse infestation. You call up your insurance provider concerned over chewed up wires, feces, and urine stains. You’re worried about disease and your family getting sick. When you ask them about if they cover this disgusting problem their answer is no. Not only do most homeowners policies not cover mouse infestations, but they feel it’s more or less your fault it happened in the first place. So logically they would cover repair or demand that homes be inspected to ensure there is no place big enough for a mouse to enter. Not so. We can fix this, however it still eludes me that an animal capable of chewing through products homes are made of, and can fit through a space the size of an eraser head on a pencil are not covered by insurance.

Keeping a home up is hard enough. Gutters need cleaning, decks need to be powerwashed and sealed, shutters need painting. What we offer is a solution that takes away the problem of mice. It’s one less thing to worry about, one less problem. No risk of chewed wires or mouse droppings in your attic, or under your kitchen sink. No poisons and dead mice in your wine cellar, or in your first floor laundry. A permanent solution I feel you will be completely satisified with. If the problem ends up returning just give us a call. Remember we warranty our work and proudly stand behind it.

JacopilleBornheimer LLC is a privately owned company whose goal is total solutions. We serve all of Western NY. Do you want to just scratch the surface or do you want the problem solved, warrantied, and finished? Shane Bornheimer the owner started out learning the nuisance wildlife business from a gentleman named Bill Cook who had been dealing with wildlife since the 70’s. Tragically Bill lost a short lived battle with ALS on January 5th 2013. Before this tragic day Bill consulted for several large New York companies on exclusion techniques. Shane had the privilege to be Bill’s right hand man for 5 years before his passing. With JacopilleBornheimer LLC we have taken wildlife solutions to the next level. We provide permanent solutions to your wildlife problems. No more poisons, no more constant trapping, permanent, preventative solutions!

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