Remove Raccoons from Roof, Attic and Home

So, your garbage just got raided.  Or maybe there’s two eyes staring at you from the peak of your chimney.  Hopefully it’s not a masked face staring at you from your cat bowl in the kitchen.  If you live in western NY, in Buffalo or Rochester NY we can help if this trauma is happening to you.

Raccoons are one of North America’s most adaptable creatures.  Able to scale fences and trees, and crawl through broken garage windows. With their extreme upper body strength they are able to tear into corners of dormers or gable vents.I’ve even observed a raccoon crawling out from a ridge vent they decided to rip open.

We have been removing raccoons and there litters for the past 8 years.  Our goal has always been your satisfaction.  Buffalo NY’s Raccoons much like all of western NY’s coons have adapted well to our homes due to lack of natural habitat for them.  By, this I mean hollow trees and voids that allow them to seek refuge and give birth out of the elements.  Things such as chimneys function as a human made version of a hollow tree.  Attics provide warm cozy birthing sites as well.

Sometimes however our problems with raccoons aren’t the fact they live in our homes.  It’s that they are tearing our bird feeders apart.  Or that our yards are being torn up for grubs.  Sometimes it’s a sick coon laying on our deck.  One job we had several coons living underneath someone’s sun porch.  Raccoons here in western NY are extremely adaptable.  If you ever doubt us watch the PBS special “raccoon Nation”. It was filmed in Toronto.  Giving a pretty good idea of what we have here thanks to our neighbors to the north.

Buffalo’s eclectic foodie scene coupled with revitalization and construction force raccoons out of once vacant homes in Buffalo and into your home. Honestly, don’t worry though.  We got this.  Our technicians are trained in every form of removal.  From using a ketch pole to trapping to permanent solutions.  We are expertly trained in Raccoon removal in Buffalo NY and beyond!  Give us a call at 716-280-7123