Raccoon Removal

JacopilleBornheimer LLC is a professional trapping, exclusion and repair company that can take your Rochester raccoon problem from major to non existent. We can remediate the entire process so that any and all evidence and signs of them are permanently gone. Don’t go with companies that will only trap and not rectify the situation for the long term. Give us a call anywhere in Monroe County or Western New York.

Raccoons by nature are extremely opportunistic. Even within their natural environment they will thrive on whatever food source is available. Grubs? Yup. Honey? No problem! Bird eggs or blackberries? Of course! Nothing is safe to these powerful and adaptable creatures. Much research has been done on this pest in urban environments over the years.

PBS did a special in Toronto Ontario Canada. Just a stone’s throw from Buffalo and Niagara Falls NY. The raccoons in this series were radio chipped. They were followed and watched. They were found to actually get smarter the more people tried to foil them. Climbing a downspout? No problem. Why don’t we box it in with Plexiglas. They learned to chew the corners to get a grip on this boxed area. Trash cans that were bungy tied closed were released and dumped out. One issue after another was foiled by these creatures with semi opposable thumbs.

Trapping Raccoons

Raccoons are of the most adaptable and resilient animals in Rochester. They may be one of the greatest survivors and thrives of all urban wildlife. They scale trees and gutter downspouts. Do you have an un capped chimney? You may have a mom and pups living inches away from your living room fireplace. These are all issues we can help you out with. Trapping them, repairing their damage and preventing this from happening again is where we shine here at JacopilleBornheimer LLC.

We recommend a fireplace or attic infested with raccoons and droppings be properly disinfected and remediated. This is to prevent the homeowner or guests of that home from being infected with any of the diseases they typically carry. Common remediation from infestations include disinfecting, removing insulation contaminated, disinfecting and encapsulating attic and re-insulating that same space. Repairing and preventing so as to keep this from occurring again is of course also essential. This is often times limb removal, downspouts excluded, soffits fortified to prevent the ability of breaking in as well.

Raccoon Diseases

There are several issues with raccoons that greatly concern us here at JacopilleBornheimer LLC in the Rochester area. The first is diseases carried by these resilient and dirty animals. The greatest concern by far is roundworm. Their feces carries thousands of eggs from this parasite. They can infect humans through direct contact with contaminated soil, insulation, and accidental ingestion of droppings. The other common diseases associated with them are canine distemper, leptospirosis, infectious canine hepatitis, and of course rabies as they are a vector species of the rabies virus.

They typically have babies in the spring as most animals do, but if miscarriages or mortality is 100% will have babies much later bordering on summer months. Mortality is high and because of this it is typical for only 50% or less of babies to survive to adulthood. They are also one of the few animals to teach their young the habit of living in our homes, and also the aversion to traps if mom has been trapped previously. Because of this a positive set over the entry hole is preferable and is our goal as a professional nuisance wildlife company.