Buffalo NY just like all major cities in the United States has a coyote population.  Coyotes are North America’s original Canine. Being in the America’s well before wolves or any other canid species.  Our coyotes here in Western NY are a unique breed larger than the mid west’s.  Our wildlife biologists research indicates a skull size 15% larger than there direct cousins.  Because of this they are able to eat a diet that is 75% deer.  Putting this in contrast to the Mid-west’s mere 20% indicates a stark contrast.

The questions we begin to have here in the Buffalo NY area and surrounding western NY villages is. Do they pose a threat to our children, dogs, cats, and individual persons? The quick answer is yes.  Though it may not be a common problem yet Coyotes when lacking a food source will attack humans, cats, and other canine species.  Because of this trapping, shooting, hazing, and general prevention methods become necessary.

Here at JacopilleBornheimer LLC we offer a professional approach to Coyote problems.  When you have a nuisance issue with Coyotes we come, assess the situation and come up with a plan that will eliminate the threat to you. As well as to your home, and/or your animals that the coyote(s) present.  Our methods are often humane, in that they are about creating a fear response in coyotes.  This hazing procedure forces the flight response in nuisance coyotes.  Sometimes, however the removing of a coyote and/or coyotes is essential to the safety of the population.  At this point we take the nuisance animal as humanely as possible.  

One thing we can all be assured of is, the removal of one coyote or pack that has become comfortable around humans will only prove to improve coyote/human relations allowing us each to respect each others space.  Our hope here at JacopilleBornheimer LLC is a beneficial relationship between wildlife and humans.  So that nature can be enjoyed in nature here in Western NY and in the Buffalo NY region.


Though not as common of a true nuisance, fox can take up residence under our sheds and decks. They can harass our cats, and grow far to comfortable around our children and grandchildren.  Much of what takes place here in Western NY is the direct result of the increase of the above mentioned coyotes.  Because of their presence in the wooded areas around our residences fox feel the need to move closer. Because or this they become more comfortable around our homes and businesses.

One area we recently observed (and hopefully get the job for) is a factory in North Tonawanda NY.  Four fox had made a decision to move into there warehouse creating an uneasy feeling among workers there.  I had a call for an apartment complex in orchard park NY where fox had invaded the garage on site.

Again, just like we do with Coyotes, A very effective method is the hazing of the fox to threaten the safety they feel.  The Wildlife Biologist we consult with advises “the removal of safety barriers allowed between unknowing humans, and red fox allows for an unhealthy relationship and creates the potential for a dangerous situation”- David Hurley.

As with all wildlife species the need to eliminate a sick or dangerous fox is sometimes necessary.



Whenever you question or are concerned about an encounter or threatening Wildlife issue here in Buffalo NY please give us a call at  (716) 280- 7123.