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This I’m sure comes as no surprise.   Birds cause more damage to warehouses, monuments, commercial air conditioning units, solar panels, dryer vents, open air venues, and parking lots than any other animal.   Just their droppings alone can decay metal and stone. Let alone what happens when nests are built.   Do you think your customers want to see your signs,parking lot,or store front covered in pigeon or seagull droppings? Of course not! We here at JacopilleBornheimer have a commitment in all we do to erasing problems. You know like “Hey I had a problem for many years, now I haven’t seen a seagull on top of my building for 5 years”. Our goal is simple. Full service bird solutions. Whether its debris removal, droppings erasing, or shock strip installation. We do it all. Not only that but we put our stamp of excellence on our work. In other words we warranty all our bird work. So, what happens when you have a bird problem and you call us?

commercial bird control & removal rochester NY
  • First we come out and inspect, take pictures, write up a bunch of notes, and talk to you about what we’re seeing.
  • Next we put a plan together. Details, some photos, descriptions, a plan gets written up and a proposal complete with what we stand behind and what the manufacturers of the products we use stand behind.
  • This step is all on you. You look over the plan, ask questions, make sure we didn’t miss any needs you have. (It’s ok if this takes a little bit, going back and forth ensures your needs are met).
  • Once the job meets the standards you have, and fits within your budget we move forward. Typically speaking 25%-40% of full invoice is due at onset of job.
  • Typically speaking we give a time frame and stay very close to our original plan. (weather is the only deterrent of a well planned timeframe).
bird removal rochester NY

The list is really quite substantial as to what diseases birds carry. The list goes something like this. Salmonella, tuberculosis, streptochochis, toxoplasmosis, paratyphoid fever , viral meningitis, histoplasmosis, and encephalitis to name a few. The mere presence of bird droppings allows infectious spores to become airborne and contaminate your entire building.

Because of this we have taken courses to ensure all our staff is well versed in decontamination. For our safety and yours. We are OSHA compliant, and follow CDC guidelines for prevention of contamination. Disinfection happens at the start of the job, in the middle of the cleanup, and again at the end to ensure that no dangerous contaminants are left behind. All the products we use meet or exceed guidelines to decontaminate for bacteria, viruses, fungal contaminants, and organic organisms.

Physical Deterrents are the most common Bird deterrent. These are the most common products you see. They place a physical barrier between the birds and the areas they are using. Examples are: Bird spikes, bird netting,slides,spiders, gull wire installations over parking lots, and more.

Next are visual and auditory deterrents: These are not as effective on their own but are a great addition to a physical deterrent plan. They include things such as speakers emitting bird distress calls,beacon style lights used to deter geese in ponds, eagle eye and laser deterrents.

Trapping is the final section: Trapping typically is an option for Pigeons and starlings. As most other species of bird are federally protected. Most of the trapping we do are on warehouse roofs, and places where a quick reduction in the pigeon population brings the fastest results.

Clean up and disinfection specialists (OSHA and CDC compliant) / 24 hour service / Free no obligation consulting. Warehouses, rooftops, loading docks, high-rises, large overhangs, car ports, malls, airports, entire parking lots, and stadiums. JacopilleBornheimer is equipped to solve complex bird issues from start to finish.

We also offer Contracting and consulting services.

If you are a contractor and have a complex bird problem, or need to implement bird deterrents into your design plans give us a call. We specialize in both pre-existing and new construction consultation. Bring us your blueprints and we’ll advise on what to do.