Unpleasant as a bat in your attic, living space, or work space is; it’s not all that uncommon. Whether you have a new or old home bats are able to infiltrate the smallest of spaces. Places such as dormers and changes in roof angles which architecturally look pleasing allow space for bats to enter and re enter your property.   Knowing where to look, how to remove them, and every spot that needs to be sealed takes a certain level of expertise.

The goal of a company designed to exclude and eliminate wildlife problems such as JacopilleBornheimer LLC is never to hear from you again. Honestly, chances are we will enjoy each other’s company, and you’ll be happy you used us. However honestly if we do our job right, you won’t need to hear from us again.

[One tiny and totally realistic disclaimer on historic buildings and large commercial type buildlings. Realistically we will need to inspect your building annually. It will be worked into the cost, but the movement of large older buildings can and will open up spaces big enough for bat reentry].

So why, why us? Why not Joe’s Wildlife Removal, or the local pesticide bug man who decided he could do bats also? The answer isn’t too hard. We specialize in exclusion; we specialize in permanent removal strategies. Because of this we stand behind our work longer than any other company in Western NY. That and we’re good at it, and good for it. I can give you examples of work that was done to perfection, and examples of work that we needed to touch up and has been bat free the several years since.


Do you have a slate roof, a flat roof, or a tile roof? We’ve done them all. Are you looking for a bat free belfry at your church? We have worked with the longest continually running church in Western NY (First Congregational Church of Canandaiqua). We’ve worked with the owners of various historic houses on East Ave in Rochester. Our specialties include being sensitive to historic preservation and working closely with curators, architects, and property owners to not only remove the bat problem; but to do it in a manner to not affect appearance, ever.


We have worked tirelessly to create a program and procedure that is superior to any other on the market. Instead of products and procedures that don’t endure the rigors of weather we have implemented a system that prevents bat infiltration for years to come. Our products stand the extremes of western NY weather. The expanding and contracting of seasonal changes need not open up spaces that a year ago were sealed. Quite frankly we have designed our techniques around products that will endure 15 years of northeastern weather. Because of this we stand behind our work longer than anyone else and are able to take on larger projects that others are not qualified to do.


Sound and different noises have varying degrees of affects on animals. Because bats fly and navigate primarily with sonar, ultrasonic sound if used properly (very important here) has a very adverse affect on bats. The most common effective use of ultrasound in bat remediation is large open hard walled buildings. Ice rinks and medium size warehouses are the most common. Another use, though it takes a fairly substantial unit, is outside on a lake where bats roost above a 2 or 3 story beach house. This allows a normally difficult bat issue, where bats roos below a deck area to be excluded.

Ultrasonic devices in attic’s can work, however because of roof angles, insulation, and location restrictions their use is restricted substantially. If you can imagine (and I’m sure you can) any time a job is able to be done by removing any bats there, sealing the property, and utilizing ultrasonic devices; you are bat free. I can say as an absolute not every job requires all of this and some require more. There are unique situations that require much more. It’s a rarity and I may expound upon at a later date.

I wanted to put the our warranty out there for you to peruse before we go.


Verification of the warranty period requires copies of work orders, receipts or other proof of work. Please retain these records. We stand behind our work and guarantee it with a warranty. It is our goal to solve your nuisance wildlife problem permanently. We identify the cause of the problem and fix it. Fixing the holes to prevent the return is our number one goal. If an animal gets past our repairs we will fix it for no additional charge. Below is more detail for each wildlife control program we offer. Warranties for Your Comprehensive Wildlife Control Program Estimates/Inspection: Your inspection fee is due during the time of inspection. Our inspections should take approximately 30-60 minutes. At the time of the inspection or via email you will receive an estimate for a wildlife control program we recommend. Your estimate is always good for 30 days from the time of the inspection. If we do not perform any work on your home to get rid of the problem animal or bird additional service fees will be charged for return inspections. If you have already received an inspection from another company and charged a fee, you may be covered under our “free competitive bid” program and not charged a fee for an estimate.


We do not provide full inspections for free estimates. If you would like a complete inspection done our normal service charge will apply. Bat Removal: (Covered) We stand behind our work and guarantee it with a warranty. For all bat removal projects we guarantee our work and back it with a full 18month warranty. You may also purchase an additional 18-36 month warranty. Our estimates and service contract are for removal and bat proofing your entire home or building. We seal all openings ½” high x 1 ½“ wide where a bat can enter into your home or attic. We give a full 18 mos. warranty on the repairs we perform on your home for bat prevention and exclusion. You may also purchase an additional 18-36 month warranty. This is for your satisfaction and security that if there is a re-entry of a bat into your home or attic we will return with no additional cost. One-way door removal and one re-inspection after a minimum of 30 days are included upon request and appointment. For jobs completed over the winter, we will return in the spring upon a scheduled appointment from the homeowner. For bat removal of log cabins, cedar shake roofs, barns, and/or garages, we only warranty for one year. These stuctures shift so much there is no guarantee the they will stay sealed up for more than a year. For a reduced yearly maintenance fee we will return and touch up our repairs to maintain a bat free home.


Bat Removal: (Not Covered) If all recommended repairs on your estimate/contract are not sealed by JacopilleBornheimer LLC. no warranty can be provided. Bats getting into homes through open doors or windows will not be covered. A Dead bat found in the attic or house is not covered under our warranty however we will return for an additional service fee to remove the deceased bat. Bats hanging on the exterior of the home, roosting behind shutters, roosting under loose siding, roosting underneath eaves or roosting in gable vents we did not screen from the outside of the home will not be covered under the warranty. Noises heard over the winter will be dealt with during the following spring season as we cannot get rid of the bats during winter. Although scratching noises heard during the warranty period we will return for no additional cost, but if we determine through test traps you are not hearing bats additional trapping fees will apply. This includes birds, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and all other wildlife. New roofs, siding, chimneys, repairs, weather damage, or any other damages to the outside of your house will void your bat removal warranty. Exclusions done during hibernation period (Oct- April) bats will not leave the roost and you may still encounter bat activity (scratching and bats in the house). We can return during this time to remove any bats in the house at a reduced service fee rate.