How I wish I could go back to my early days. Days when I was learning this business. I did work for next to nothing, but I learned this business. I learned how to track where wildlife was entering homes, how to bait them, what to use as bait, or how to not use bait. I learned what worked and what didn’t when it came to sealing off the buildings and various structures all of us live in or work in. For me this learning also meant a period of time when I was fortunate enough to follow someone around and enter into a mentoring and friendship relationship with. Those years combined with personal experience, and gracious people (mostly around the Finger Lakes region of New York) who allowed me to learn on their homes and cottages, I became the professional I am today.

So why is this relevant to the title exclusion at its best? Here’s the brutal truth. The skill which I have learned and has been handed down to me. This ability to eliminate wildlife problems by trapping, removal, and repairs which eliminate the future ability for mice, bats, flying squirrels, raccoons, woodchucks, and skunks from being able to reenter your home or business. This has taken years of training. Because of this we are able to warranty our work. Because of this we can commit to eliminating your problem once and for all. For many companies that have decided to offer this service it has come down to one thing; money.

ABOUT2Imagine this. You are a pesticide company. You’ve sprayed buildings for years, you’ve maintained someones mouse problem for years by putting just enough poison at their property to keep the rodents out, but keep yourself in business. Imagine also this same company decides that they want to exclude for bats in your attic. What is their experience. Whether you believe it or not its purely and simply profit. Generally speaking it’s profit without a warranty. Or a very limited warranty. Our commitment at JacopilleBornheimer LLC is to have the best warranty, and the best commitment to you.

Not only that but we promise to have the most thorough approach whether it’s along your foundation to insure mice or red squirrels don’t get in, or your roofline and bats and flying squirrels have entered your property. Warranties that cover one single squirrel hole are invalid. Here’s why. When you call their company to let them know you have a squirrel in your house you probably will be met with sympathy, then more than likely you will be met with a question as to whether they squirrel reentered the hole they had sealed up. When the answer is no, they will help you (of course) but it will be at a cost. There is just no room for this when you can hire a company that does the whole property right and stands behind that work.birdOne honest note about grey squirrels in the urban areas of Western NY. We do offer warranties on our repairs, however we do reserve the right to limit our 3 year warranty to 18 months. The only reason for this, is the sheer population, close proximity between homes, and power lines. Allow such a powerful chewing animal to chew at any place on your fascia. Exclusion in these circumstances would mean all fascia bords would need metal placed on them. While this is a service that could be provided, generally this is cost prohibitive.

  • Mice and rats: 1,800 sq/ft home: $1200 for a well kept home with solid foundation.
  • Flying squirrels and Bats: $2200 for same size house.