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Have you ever thought about what your wildlife problem is costing your business? The decay of bird droppings on your signage, HVAC units, walls, and products. Squirrels chewing wires. Bats in cavities of walls ensuring droppings and urine are present within your walls, ceiling, and attic. The answer? Thousands to tens of thousands annually if the conditions are right. Have you had to replace an entire wall in an old historic building because of bats? I have. Just this past year two of my larger projects were bat damage oriented.

Ok, let’s talk about birds for a second. What happens when birds are on your roof and signage?   Well, first of all it looks pretty lousy. Second of all bird droppings (especially sea gull, and pigeon) are extremely caustic and will decay stone, metal, and permanently discolor wood. This can easily cost you more money than removing the problem. Yes, yes, I know. Of course I am going to say that. That’s the business I’m in. However, think about it. Permanent solutions for your parking lot, signage, roof, HVAC system, etc. The increased decay of each of these can get costly quickly. Besides depending on your clientele they may wish to shop in a non-bird infested place and leave you with countless unmoved merchandise. At JacopilleBornheimer, we handle everything from bird removal, to raccoons, to squirrels and more. We are located in both Rochester and Buffalo, NY.

commercial bird control & bird removal rochester NY
commercial bat removal & bat control rochester NY

Bats present a different level of concern. Oftentimes folks entering your properties won’t encounter bats in daytime activities, when summer hits and nighttime events start happening bats can swoop where you don’t want them. Besides all this, droppings and urine stain both inside and outside walls. Do you have a slate roof? We specialize in slate services where wildlife is involved. Do you have a steel framed warehouse? There are substantial places for bats to move along. All things the bat removal experts at JacopilleBornheimer can handle.

We have permanently sealed, excluded and completed work on ice rinks, gymnasiums, office complexes, NYS’s oldest continually operating church, several slate roofs, warehouses throughout New York. We have worked for Universities, churches, private and publically owned spaces. Our expertise is in permanent solutions for all your wildlife needs.


  • Clean-up and disinfectant specialists (CDC compliant)
  • 24-hour service
  • Free no-obligation consultations
  • Ledges, ponds, overhangs, even cracks and crevices . . . we work wherever you need us
  • Warehouses, rooftops, loading docks, large overhangs, malls, airports, and stadiums—JacopilleBornheimer can solve most complex bird problems.

At JacopilleBornheimer has always been your peace. We strive to have you wildlife free. This is why whenever we can, we warranty or guarantee our repairs and solutions. Why hire a company that can’t do that?

You get A+ Wildlife (an imaginary company) to remove some bats from your attic. They do this as is industry standard by sealing off places bats can get in and placing a one way door of some sort to allow the current resident bats out. This is normal practice. They do it for 600 dollars. No warranty but they took care of the problem right? Well…you very easily could have uselessly spent 600 dollars for someone to squirt some foam here and there and say “all set”. Yet deterring the bats temporarily or potentially not at all could mean their back in a month.   So, my question is why pay someone 600 dollars and end up hiring a second company because that 600 was wasted?

Now I’ll be the first to admit I very likely could come in at twice that amount. However, we offer warrantied services ranging from 18 months to 3 years. Honestly without this how do you know anything was done? A good bat exclusion shouldn’t be visible to the naked eye. Because of this any Tom, Dick, Harry, or Jane can claim they’ve gotten rid of bats and get a free 600 dollars without any commitment.

If you still question this, I’ll give you a list of the folks that have tried some of the local companies and ended up paying a second time to have it done right.

Flying Squirrels. These little guys get in many of the same spaces bats can, as well as having the ability to chew. They live in colonies that often times are into the dozens. They aren’t to hard to trap really. However once you have a problem it seems year after year you find they return to your squirrel friendly abode. Why not have the house sealed off and warrantied? Wouldn’t this be a better choice? Say you were charged $500. Then next year came and another $500.At what point to you realize a full warrantied exclusion may initially be more expensive, but the outcome is no noises in the night and no chewed wires in your attic!

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