It seems crazy, yet is it really?  Bats should be hibernating right?  Yet, we still have calls with bats entering homes throughout western NY.  Many of these calls have come with nicer weather.  But, it still seems strange right?  Well, not so much.  Little Brown bats (the most common home invaders in the Buffalo area) wake up every 7-10 days and enter a state of torpor.  In this state you may hear noises within your wall.  This dosen’t mean bats are leaving.  This dosen’t mean bats are coming into your living quarters however. What it does mean is you may have a problem.

Others issues that can awaken a hibernating colony and cause issues is a area of your home that’s is usually left cold being heated up.  By this we mean a finished attic that you may have heated to have guests stay.  Or, a area that a space heater has been placed to heat a normally cold part of home.  When attic or wall space heats to 60 degrees your resident bats wake thinking its warm enough to feed on insects.  In this event you end up with very active bats, and very upset humans in the home.

Ok, so here enters the technician from JacopilleBornheimer LLC.  At JacopilleBornheimer we strive to solve the problem permanently.  What this means to you is a permanent solution.  What this means for your bat problem is that with 40 degree weather or better we can fix and warranty a bat problem for you.  Most homes and/or businesses are able to be warrantied for 3 years. Well, what are you waiting for?

If you feel you have been exposed to a bat please call your county health dept.

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